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Interview - Swapnil Desai, lauréat du CDN International Award

Publié le 20 Dec 2023

Retrouvez l’interview de Swapnil Desai, étudiant en Design Transport & Mobilité à Strate Paris. 
Nous l’avons questionné à la suite de sa participation au Car Design News International Award, qui célèbre l’excellence en matière de design et qui met en lumière le talent créatif des designers automobiles et leur savoir-faire.



First of all, could you please introduce yourself? 
I am Swapnil Desai, I am from India. I recently completed my masters in Mobility Design. I am passionate about traveling and exploring various cultures across the globe.


Can you explain to us what the Car Design News International Award? 
The CDN people's award is about honoring the Designers and creatives behind the design. Specifically the ‘Undiscovered talent’ award is to honor young designers with an exceptional portfolio who are on the cusp of entering the automotive industry.


Which project did you present ? Can you describe it briefly?
 I had submitted my portfolio which was done during my studies at Strate, the highlight of which surely was the Polestar Design Contest Car that has been showcased around the world at various Auto and Design Shows.


How did your courses at Strate help you in this success? 
Strate as a school has a very unique approach to car design, focusing on the storytelling and problem solving which makes a strong core for the students entering the automotive industry, these skills are highly valuable and certainly underappreciated. 

What state of mind were you in during work? And what about your feelings upon hearing the results? 
I was extremely happy since it's been an amazing  year for me in terms of professional endeavors, with the Polestar Contest and now with the Car Design News Awards. It was amazing to see the hard work payoff in some way and sure I did celebrate with a couple of beers! 

A few words to conclude?
Umm , I would like to leave by sharing something i've learnt over the years ,
which is to be proactive and always be ready to grab the opportunity at hand. If there is none coming your way make sure you create your own opportunities by taking chances!